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From the Ray-Way Warehouse, we are now selling new copies of our Collector Editions. These books have been in storage since first published. They are new and un-read.

The PCT Hiker's Handbook, First Edition 1991 This is the book that popularized lightweight hiking. The first of its kind. See our PCT Handbook page for more info. Now for sale: Order Form
The Pacific Crest Trail Hiker's Handbook, Second Edition 1996. See our PCT Hiker's Handbook 2nd-Edition page for more info. Now for sale: Order Form
Beyond Backpacking, 1999. This version of our lightweight hiking book was the predecessor to Trail Life. See our Beyond Backpacking page for more info. Now for sale: Order Form

Recommended Reading

Global Voyage

Extreme Fun

Bicycling the TransAmerica Trail

The TransAmerica Trail is a great trip, and for anyone looking for something to do this summer. I recommend it highly.

Canoeing the Coppermine River via Pikes Portage

Northern Paddling Adventure #8: Yellowknife to Arctic Ocean; 39 days, 960 miles, Jul-Aug 2005. Essay has 350 photos. View our Campsites along the Coppermine route. (click this link and open with Google Earth)

Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Canoeing the Kazan River

Northern paddling Adventure #7: Kasba Lake to Baker Lake; 25 days, 560 miles, Jul 2001. Essay has 157 photos. See our route along the Kazan River. (click this link and open with Google Earth)

Motorcycling California's Mountains & Coast

Climbing Huascarán

in the Peruvian Andes. 22 days, 22,205', Jul 1969. 91 photos Be sure to have a look at Betsy's witty trip report on page two of that article.
Our News Archives

2018-02-16: RIP Jim Bridwell. Was among the top ten people who influenced my life the most. I'm very saddened by the news of his passing.

February Special For those who bought a C100 Blood Cleaner, we are offering a replacement C300 for only $54.95. Package comes with the C300 circuit board, a 300 wrist strap, and 300 instructions. The 100 BC Probes and silver Probes will fit the the C300. Please contact us for details.

New Essay: Avoiding Ticks

Words to live by ...

I found this printed on a pizza box, in a trail town along the AT.
A few days later I found this. It had lost a forewing, but had strengthened the hindwing, and could fly just fine.

Nature has some great lessons if we but open our eyes.

We are all handicapped to lesser or greater degrees. And I think this butterfly is teaching us to focus on what we have to work with, not on what we have lost.


Ray-Way Hiking Shorts Kit

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Ray-Way Shell Pants Kit

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New Product


Now on our Order Form!

More info about the Ray-Way Sleeping Hat Kit

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"Merry Christmas Ray and Jenny. It is a time of year to show appreciation for all the good you have done for me. Never, ever, will I forget that it was you - Ray - who saved my life [with the Blood Cleaner], and I will always feel grateful and very blessed to have come across your path... thank you!" -Sherry

Ray-Way Products Winter Sale

Great gift ideas!

We are now offering six sizes of the Spitfire Net-Tent.

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We have recently re-designed our Net-Tent Kit with zipper closure, and named it the Quadratic.


Jenny and our new Quadratic Net-Tent. The Quadratic is meant to be used under a Ray-Way Tarp. But it can also be used alone. Here, we have removed the Tarp, and pitched the Quadratic with the same poles and cords, although we had to use short (16") extension cords on the corner and side guys.

More info about the Ray-Way Quadratic Net-Tent


We are now offering six sizes of the Quadratic Net-Tent.

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And a Quadratic Kit Sewing Video:


the Ray-Way Quadratic Net-Tent Sewing Video

More info about the Quadratic Sewing Video

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The Ray-Way Blood Cleaner

Our Blood Cleaner is an electro-medical device that kills or disables pathogens in a person's bloodstream. It works by sending pulsed micro-currents through the skin and into the blood vessels of the wrist. These micro-currents are barely felt by the the person, only a slight tingling, but they are lethal to any harmful microorganisms found in the blood.


Concept 300 Blood Cleaner

More Info Blood Cleaner

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Making another batch of Blood Cleaners. We make the Blood Cleaners under a microscope and use a home-made vacuum tool to place the components on the circuit boards.


The Blood Cleaner has 27 mirco-components, all crammed onto a curicut board no bigger than a postage stamp. With my electronics microscope I'm looking at a sample of one component, with a dime for scale.


New batch of Blood Cleaners for June 2017. Each batch takes us the better part of five days to build, because they are all made by hand.

"I am living proof that the Blood Cleaner works! My head has totally cleared up, I can think clearer, concentrate better, and my body is in a much more calm relaxed state. My body aches are gone by 70% , it's just amazing how far I have come in these five months, it's astronomical!!!" -Sherry's Story

*   *   *

 New Book 

More Than Seven Hundred New Photos!

Read It For Free

Extreme Fun

Wow, this is a Fantastic Book!! Incredibly interesting, and the photos are SUPERB. Congratulations, Ray and Jenny, for completing such an amazing journey. You are very courageous people, and Jenny is one strong lady. It's wonderful to see people loving the world/life. Makes me kind of feel like I haven't lived yet. Absolutely tremendous job on the book!!" - Sherry B.

"The god of Long Trail Hiking, Ray Jardine,
Really Came to Tottori Japan!"

We had a fabulous time in Japan. Our Story

Be-Pal magazine Jan 2017

Be-Pal magazine March 2017

*   *   *

2016-07-31: I've returned home, after completing my Appalachian Trail section hike. That makes four AT hikes now: three thru-hikes and another section hike. This hike was also a big success and I couldn't be more pleased!

Congratulations Ray!
Ray summited Katahdin on July 29, completing his Appalachian Trail section hike.

For the record, I hiked the trail in three sections:

*   *   *

"When I mentioned to a friend that Ray Jardine was certainly one of the top 100 athletes and adventurers of all time, I was asked, "How do you know that?" My response was: Show me someone else who has accomplished the same type feats for so many years, and they would be number 101. However, the chances are that they would be under the influence of commercial sponsors, steroids, political persuasions or other special interest groups. Ray is independent of these entanglements, and self made. And truth is, he's probably among the top 10 or 20.

Most of his "fun trips" (as he refers to them) have been self-propelled, assisted only by harnessing the forces of nature with his own ingenuity and intelligence. It is simply amazing that he continues to endure world class sports - years after having reached "retirement age."

One might ask, "How does Ray do it?" Well, among many things, based on my sports activities and conversations with him, Ray has the ability to concentrate better than anyone I know. Surviving the types of challenges that he has overcome requires attention to 100 percent of the activity, 100 percent of the time.

In addition to his thinking methods, his education, training and perseverance are traits he has in common with many other champions. Ray clearly exhibits these in his accomplishments. The fact that these are so numerous is a testament to the application of these and other factors. One can refer to public records and journals for verification.

Ray is not alone. His steadfast faith has given him spiritual nourishment and strength. And, since he invited Jenny to sail around the world with him 34 years ago, she has been there and accomplished many of these achievements.

Jenny and Ray are real people; bound by the same physical, mental, time, energy and space constraints as we all are. But the two of them are really a phenomenon, individually and collectively. Not just adventurists; they are an adventure in and of themselves. They exude goodwill and success. Like other supermodels, they give us something we can believe, and people we can believe in.

It is a dream fest to view their photos and to read the stories on their website. With a little imagination and/or experience with their activities, you will share the love that has driven them to these goals, and the emotions of joy, fear, love and victory that have accompanied them on their endeavors.

I encourage Ray to write more, because I have saved time, money and prevented many certain mistakes by simply studying his books. Most importantly, imparting of his knowledge and experience is the best way to preserve and bestow future student adventurers with the ability to extrapolate his teachings across a full spectrum of disciplines.

Thanks to Ray and Jenny for their love of, and contributions to the human spirit."

-Craig C.

*   *   *


The GDR (Great Divide Route) is one of the toughest mountain bike rides in the country. Its 2,700 miles long, and runs from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. It's also possible with a dual-sport motorcycle. I've ridden it eleven times.
Six Thousand Miles of Dirt 30 days, 6,287 mi.

*   *   *


Our NEW book Global Voyage
In the early 80's Jenny and Sailed our ketch Suka Around the World. The three-years journey was our favorite trip of all. After the voyage I wrote a book, and now I have published it on our website.
Read the Book Here For Free. 774 photos.

From a recent magazine article:


Ray Jardine placing a number-2 Friend on the Phoenix, Yosemite 1977. This was the world's first 5.13 rated climb.

Just a reminder for Appalachian Trail hikers

The Ray-Way Tarp Book Essential has a whole chapter on how to minimize a person's exposure to ticks and the diseases they can transmit. This topic is a concern for many hikers and campers, whether or not they are sleeping under a tarp and using a Spitfire or Net-Tent. As such, I think this is a critically important chapter for Appalachian Trail hikers, or other people who frequent the beautiful woods of the eastern states. Even if you have no interest in tarp camping, I consider the Ticks chapter essential reading for a safe and worry free trip.


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